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Mod: XBT Bittorrent vB 3.7 Mod

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  2. XBT Bittorrent vB 3.7 Mod

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    • vB Version: 3.7.0
      Rating:  (2 votes - 5,00 average)
      Installs: 1
    • Release Date: 20 Dec 2008
      Last Update: Never
      Downloads: 111
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    XBT vB 3.7 Mod

    XBT vB Mod is a vBulletin hack that lets you run a bittorrent tracker with vbulletin, there
    is no admin panel but its packed with just the features you will need, its easy to customize
    so if you want to add onto it then you can do so.



    * MySQL >= 5
    * Shell access (SSH)
    * vBulletin 3.7

    Setup the Hack:

    1) Install vBulletin 3.7. (make sure you don't use a table prefix).
    2) Install XBT Tracker ( and use the same database as vBulletin.
    3) Upload xbt_tracker.sql via phpMyAdmin.
    4) Upload xbt_vb_mod.sql via phpMyAdmin.
    5) Change xbt_config.php.cxo to xbt_config.php and edit.
    6) Upload all the PHP files to your server. (including /includes/)
    7) Import product-xbt_vb_mod.xml in vBulletin. (ACP = Plugin System = Manage products).
    8) Add xbt_cron.php to your cronjobs. (*/5 * * * * php /home/cyrexo/domains/
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