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Mod: Moderate New User Registrations (ModCP Option)

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  2. Moderate New User Registrations (ModCP Option)

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    • vB Version: 3.8.x
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    • Release Date: 08 Jan 2009
      Last Update: 18 Feb 2009
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    vBulletin Version Compatibility

    This hack can be used with v3.8.x, v3.7.5. This has not been tested with earlier versions of v3.7.x, but should work.

    This hack is not compatible with v3.6.x (due to fact that notifications in the welcome block were not introduced until v3.7.0), but fear not, you can use the unsupported v3.6.x version of this hack instead.

    What Does This Hack Do?

    This is hack gives your Super Moderators the option in the ModCP to now manually approve new user registrations, that before now only Administrators could do from the AdminCP.

    This means you can now spread the load of manually approving members with your Super Moderators, leaving you the administrator more time to do other things.

    A notification in your welcome block in the navbar is displayed (if the notification option is enabled in the AdminCP) when there are new user registrations to be moderated. This is displayed to both Administrators and Super Moderators. The notification will only generate 1 extra query per page load (only if the notification is enabled, and then the extra query is only for Administrators and Super Moderators, so if you want to save a query then disable the option).

    As this has been asked for a few times over the last couple of versions of this hack, all users being moderated by Super Moderators are now set to Ignore by default, so undesirable users are not accepted by accident.

    This hack was created because I liked the idea of the request in this thread, and seems to have been requested quite a few times over the years.

    There are no file or template changes at all and is fully phrased. You just need to upload 1 file, import 1 product and alter 2 (or 3) vBulletin Options in the AdminCP, and then it will work from then on.

    Installation Instructions
    1. Unzip
    2. Upload /upload/modcp/user_moderation.php to your <forum root>/modcp folder (overwrite existing uploaded file if upgrading).
    3. Import ms_mod_user_reg_38.xml into vB using the AdminCP Product Manager. If upgrading from an earlier version, then set Allow Overwrite to Yes.
    4. Under the User Registration Options section of vBulletin Options in the AdminCP:
      • Ensure Moderate New Members is set to Yes
      • Ensure Verify Email address in Registration is set to Yes
    5. Under the Moderate User Registrations (ModCP Option) section of vBulletin Options in the AdminCP:
      • Ensure Enable Notification ? is set to No if you do not want the notification to be displayed (enabled by default).

    Version History

    v3.8.001 - Wednesday 7th January 2009
    -- Initial Release
    Download Now
    Only members can download files, Click Here to register.
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    mod hay mà chẳng thấy bác nào dùng nhỉ.hic hic
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    Trên thấy update lên v3.8.005 rồi, bạn nào có tài khoản trên đó down về share với

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    Nice addon

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    Nice addon .

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