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Learn to Create Glossy Pressed Buttons

Today we are going to create very interesting buttons called Pressed buttons with glossy touch in two different colors blue and orange, neat and sleek look.you can also use them as hover buttons, so lets get started

Step 1.

Open a new document of your desired resolution, i am using 600 x 480 px, then create a new layer and fill it half by selecting that area with Blue # 187DD2 and other half creating a new layer fill it with orange #CD4122 as shown

Step 2.

Now Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and apply the 2 % noise to both layers to give background a little rough look

Thats what you have after applying noise

Step 3.

Now create a new layer for your button and select Round Rectangular tool and set its radius to 5 px and make button selection of your desired size then
fill it with #157DE7 as shown below

Step 4.

Now open blending options of that button layer and apply drop shadow, inner shadow and gradient overlay

you will have something like that now

Step 5.

Now create a new layer and again grab round rectangular tool and make exactly button shape selection but this time little bigger,now move this layer under your 1st layer and fill it with any color, we will add color in next step by gradient, this will be our button background

Step 6.

Open blending options of that layer and apply given gradient

Now our button is looking cool

Step 7.

To make it look more awesome we will add some gloss to it, for this duplicate our button layer, clear its layer style and fill it with white as shown

Step 8.

Now grab a rectangular marquee tool and select from centre to bottom and press delete key to remove half white area

Step 9.

Now simply lower this layer’s opacity to 15% to give it a awesome glossy look as you can see

Step 10.

Now select all button layers including button background and glossy layer, duplicate them and drag them into orange part, now we will make another button with orange color

Step 11.

Now select your button background layer from orange side and open blending options and change its color with given colors

Now as you can see we have orange shaded button background

Step 12.

Now select your button layer and simply fill it with #CF4324 and you will have orange button

Step 13.

As you may noticed the top of the button was still blue, lets change this color, open inner shadow of that layer and change its color to DC3F31

Now our super cool Blue and Orange Normal buttons are ready

Step 14.

Select both buttons and duplicate them then drag them under Originals ones, we will now create pressed buttons by modifying them

Step 15.

First all all remove glossy layers from both buttons

Step 16.

Open Blending options of that orange button, remove its drop shadow and inner shadow, now apply bevel and emboss and little changes in gradient overlay

Our Orange pressed button is ready, have a look

Step 17.

Now Copy layer style from orange pressed button and paste it into blue one

Step 18.

As you noticed some orange color on top and bevel, this is bevel color, open bevel and emboss and change its color to blue scheme

we are done, thats our final look

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